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Hızlı Okuma Eğitim Setleri


Hızlı Okuma Eğitim Setleri

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In our country, our young university graduates such as reading speed of 200-250 words per minute. This is a complete disaster level range while others do not understand. This training will provide the said information and the opportunity to increase your speed reading techniques at least twice to increase your efficiency as well as the 20% figure.

Only in preparing for exams in the exam will be given time to gain from more efficient.

Business case reports and to follow in your life that you have read the source you can follow your stay more productive.

“Fast and effective reading comprehension techniques” will endear you to read books. Because you were able to read books much faster and more efficient understanding.

Ürün Açıklaması

Why the speed reading?

In case of increasing your reading speed you left off reading the book, you can finish at least half the time.

Understanding your level will provide at least 20% greater increase in speed reading training after your present level of understanding.

An average of 30 minutes in the exam you enter. It will help you save time.

Search for information on web pages on the Internet that will allow you to reach in a very short time to reach more effectively.

The visual detection capability will increase and so will be noticed in other areas.

It will be able to get to the top level of concentration while reading.

Words in your vocabulary, your general cultural level, it will increase your ability to organize your eyes and brain activity.

Your attention accordingly could continue longer be able to increase your power in perception.

All lines, including a daily average of 30 minutes. You can read inside.

If you wish to provide leisure time for other things as you get from your reading speed reading removal work twice

It will provide the opportunity.

One of the most significant gains will allow you to gain more confidence in yourself.


History and takistoskop

The United States from Ohio University Dr. Renshaw work as a result of "takistoskop" a tool that was able to give the name of development.

The logic of this tool was to increase the agility of the eye to see. The second lens is located in takistoskop 1 / 25,1 / 50,1 / 100 pcs with opening and closing speed, and meanwhile reflected in the eyes of different objects.

This work with training in gözlemleniyordu.abd that increase significantly the agility of the human eye, scientists could be used in reading the work of this new discovery anticipate them and made the success of the work was no longer conferred humanity takistoskop as a speed-reading device.


Speed ​​reading obstacles and solutions

On the basis of lack of self with self-recognition of human comprehension is the first stage of self-development.

After this stage to consider how to address this deficiency and to level the moment you enter a search önemlidir.ş for that matter, no matter what your world and your peak. But is it where you are your true summit? The reason is primarily that narrows your horizons in front of your reading, it has been talking about the benefits of slowing and blocking factors.

Some of the brakes and you will find our solutions in this video.

  • Quick read I can not understand
  • Reading returns to
  • Read word by word
  • By reading inner voice
  • Inadequate vocabulary
  • Distractibility
  • Idmansızlıg the eye
  • Physical comfort or tension


Brain and Eye

In this section, the structure of the brain and eye, will talk about the effects of speed reading.



'' The human brain is trying to unravel the secrets of the human brain '

For centuries, he asked questions about the human body. People, the answer is found in the question to ask is not he happy; but it found the answers he referred to himself a new and more complex questions. Enormous human organism, especially in the last century itself seriously took the lead in Discovery. The occurrence of these questions and answers were worried that the body is looking into his brain. And the human brain, "brain", he began to explore. Now we will talk about the effect on reading behavior work to ensure awareness of this enormity.



"S trace spectacular event is taking place as you read this article."

About a hundred billion transactions were made in your eyes when reading any of those words. And it continues to be done at any time.


How to measure reading speed?

Reading speed varies for every written language. Focused on understanding our country, reading speed is between 150-300 words per minute. Our country is around 400 words per minute speed reading threshold.

Calculation on a page read speed of reading is quite simple. Get a book on the reading speed of accounts to be selected and read a page from this book understanding. The page is saved as read when reading is completed in few minutes. Then counted the number of words on the page read. Finally, the reading speed is calculated by the following formula.

OH = (read Word Count / Reading Time (Sec.)) * 60

OH = (600 words / 80 sec.) * 60 = 450 K / D

Advantages of Online Platform

Online Training Platform we prepare a special training program 36günlük according to your age and educational status. When you log into the system you will be prompted to complete the program showing the tools you need to work on that day and time.

All of the exercises are set according to your pace and your current reading level, perform the work by focusing on a higher level from where you are.

Quick read dozens exercise our platform tool, thousands of reading text, there are mind games. You can improve your eye muscles with these tools, you can expand your vision, you can increase your perception skills, active and improve your visual perception skills

Training on our platform are quick to read and understand work is continuous recording. Unlike other speed reading software allows you to monitor your status you are not learning and development within a specific program in your state yourself.



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